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Raleigh Tile of Beckley

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We are open 9-5 Monday through Friday & 10-3 on Saturday.

Beautiful homes begin with ceramic tile,
And beautiful ceramic tile begins with us!

The finest materials are available including:

• 100% Kid Proof, Water proof, Pet Proof floors
• Large Format Ceramic and Porcelain Tile for any price range
• Granite, Marble, and other natural stone tiles
• Custom granite counter tops in full 3cm thickness
• Custom shower glass enclosures and hardware
• Premium imported hardwood floors
• WV grown and milled hardwood floors
• The newest Carpet and Vinyl of all kinds
• Bamboo, and other specialty items
• Cork flooring in a variety of colors and styles
• Glass tiles:  Hand made, mosaic, and all sizes
• Metal tiles, and decorative pieces of all kinds
• Murals and Designs, over 14,000 patterns to choose from
• Custom Murals of anything
• Waterjet design for ceramic, marble, and granite
• Backerboard, grout, mortar, and trim pieces
• Rubber, and Static Dissipating floors