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Keep your project affordable while designing with the highest quality material. We are leading the innovation-price curve, it’s always better here first! Save money without buying junk!

You can always count on our technical advice and help. We have a proven record with large commercial, retail, and worship projects.


We will help you choose the best tile for your project while our network of customers will install your tile fast and efficiently.
  • Glass tiles: Handmade, mosaic, and all sizes
  • Large Format Porcelain Tile for any price range
  • Metal tiles and decorative pieces of all kinds
  • Murals and designs, over 14,000 patterns
  • Custom murals of anything
  • Waterjet design porcelain, marble, and granite
  • Backerboard, grout, mortar, and trim pieces

Natural stone, quartz, & Glass

A timeless option that is durable and withstands moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms.
  • Granite, marble, and other natural stone tiles
  • Custom countertops in full 3cm thickness
  • Custom shower glass enclosures and hardware


Brand new or centuries old, wood floors offer endless design possibilities. The easy fit for your home’s needs and personal style.
  • Premium imported hardwood floors
  • WV grown and milled hardwood floors
  • Bamboo and other specialty items
  • Cork flooring in a variety of colors and styles


We have the newest patterns and colors. Enjoy your home with comfortable, soft, pet friendly carpet. A carpeted floor is a safer floor. The soft surface and cushioned under-padding not only reduce the impact of a fall, but also the likelihood of it happening in the first place.

Locking Floor

100% kid-proof, waterproof, pet-proof floors. This is an affordable option compared to other flooring. Great in high traffic areas, minimal damage to the structure and subfloors.

Rubber & Vinyl

Softer underfoot than other hard-surface flooring, making it much easier to stand on for long periods of time. It’s also warmer to the touch than harder surfaces like ceramic or stone tile. Static dissipating floors for high tech workspaces. Sound deadening floors for studios and home theaters.

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